A Calendar Bias for Biblical Time
(Revised 2015)

By: Shawn Richardson

Section 16:


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Biblical Calendar of Observation vs. Calculation - A response to United Church of God; Shawn Richardson - http://www.shawnrichardson.com/ResponseUCOG.htm
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Testimony of Timekeeping Within Dual Torahs; Yavonne Hinton - http://www.shawnrichardson.com/TestimonyofTimekeeping.htm
Mathematical Bias and God's Ordained Calendar (Original Version) by Shawn Richardson

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (Shawn Richardson)

From his preteen years, Shawn Richardson has endeavored to consciously live according to Yehovah's principles as depicted within scripture, from both the Tanakh and New Covenant, which he believes the Torah serves as the foundation of truth and serves as the sole tangible source of corroborating divine authority within any doctrine. His education includes a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information Systems. During that time, he served as a Senator for Student Government, Recording Secretary, and member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, was named on the Vice President's Honor Roll seven times and twice on the National Dean's List. As a member of the Worldwide Church of God, he was a member of the Youth Leadership Club where he also served as President for one year.

Shawn's career led him into the financial industry where he has functioned for over twenty-five years as a systems analyst primarily providing enhancements within mainframe systems and in robotic process automation and other various software that interacts with those legacy systems. He has also served as a Senior Supervisor and Technical Lead managing teams and is currently working as a Systems Analyst for Sammons Financial Group companies.

As an analytical thinker, Shawn often views Biblical scripture from a systematic and investigative approach following a predefined set of rules that the original writings, contained within the Bible, were inspired directly by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - whose name is Yehovah. A name that expresses the true character and nature of God Himself as being eternal and never changing. His Word serves as the ultimate moral compass of righteousness and desires that all mankind atone for their sins and partake within the salvation provided by His Son, Yehoshua. Ye'shua, as He is also named, has also been with Yehovah for all eternity and was the creator of all things in this universe. He has served as the physical interaction of the Heavenly Father, through the emanating power of His Spirit, throughout all of history and in His ministry here on Earth. It is Ye'shua who is destined to return to this earth, once again, to establish His Kingdom and millennial reign to pay respect and to revere the majestic power of Yehovah Himself and where, ultimately, all of mankind will be resurrected and given the opportunity to serve Him and eventually stand final adjudication to be given eternal life.

For more information, check out Shawn's general website here.

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